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The news, only better.

At Brightside, we know the world can sometimes be an overwhelming place, moving at a frightening pace, while news outlets bombard us with a constant stream of negativity.

Often, we find ourselves feeling tired and low after consuming stories about politics, the economy, health issues, war, fake news, crime, and society.

In fact, recent studies have shown that two-thirds of the US population suffer from “news overload” and develop stress and anxiety from their daily news sources.

“66% of Americans feel worn out by the news in 2019, around the same share as in 2018”

Pew Research Center

With all the noise and negativity, we often miss the amazing things and the small miracles that are happening around us. We fail to appreciate those inspiring moments that remind us life is beautiful.

What if we open the news and discover a world of positive, inspiring, uplifting stories? Wouldn’t you be excited to see it?

Time for some good news!

Brightside is here to break the monotony of a stressful and anxiety-inducing news feed. We’re here to give you a daily break from the bad news and highlight the sunnier side of what is happening in the world right now.

From remarkable stories of human endeavor to beautiful anecdotes of love and kindness, new developments in the sciences, and heart-warming stories, we scour the web to bring you feel-good stories you don’t hear about from your regular news outlets.

Our aim is to report the good news, not the bad. In doing so, we hope to help bring more positivity, kindness, and a better sense of well-being to you, our readers.

We could all benefit from choosing to read positive news stories alongside our standard news feed. So take a break with Brightside and see what else is going on in the world.

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